Packaging before sterilization

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After an amount of instruments are clean with diluted bleach solutions and ultrasonic machine, they will be put into sterilization bags. Most of the appliances should be seal in these sterilization bags except mouth-dilator and those cannot tolerate high temperature. There are many kinds of sterilization bags, some have stem indicator just on top of the bag which will change color after sterilization and some without it, depend which one the clinic prefer. In my school clinic, they use the one has indicator on it to prevent confusion, but in a smaller clinic they sometime they use the one without indicator, since most of the time there will be an assistant in charge of the whole cleaning procedure and every step is performed in different places, so it’s hard to miss out materials without sterilized as they further be used in patients mouth.

After packaging, materials are ready to…

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Shipping and Re-Shipping

Last week, BiTech Medical was delivered a package from another company whom they had just purchased a product from. The company was so excited to get the notification that the package would be arriving soon. When the package was wheeled into the office, the condition of the product blew everyone’s mind. The condition was mind blowing not because of how perfect it was, but because of how sloppy and thrown together it appeared. It was apparent that the company put minimal effort into the care of the product before it was sent out for delivery. There were vital parts exposed and the cloth that adds extra protection was fitting loosely around the piece of equipment. As soon as the employees at BiTech saw the product unwrapped, they knew it had to be returned.

While in the process of shipping the product back, BiTech had the choice to either return the favor of terrible packaging, or show them how it was supposed to be packaged the first time. BiTech puts a personal touch on everybody that leaves their hands on matter who it is going to or how it came in. The employees of BiTech firmly believe in leaving a lasting impression and they understand packaging is part of that impression. Working with a company like BiTech means that you know your merchandise will be handled with care and delivered in a condition that is nothing less than pleasing. Products speak for themselves and it is up to the company to do the same for their personal brand. Working with a company that is aware of this is one of the best companies to work with because you know they will put the customer and the relationship first.

Attention To Details

A first impression is a lasting impression and yes this goes for businesses especially. It can sometimes be easy to close a deal with a business partner and then forget that the objective of closing that first deal, is to make sure there will be another one following. When working with others, the job is not simply over after the check has been written. Each relationship a company chooses to get involved with takes a little “TLC”. This could be a simple Christmas card, or a follow-up phone call to see how the product is working. Companies may be able to complete those tasks easily, but can quickly forget to send their product in a way that is appealing to the buyer. Forgetting this small touch could cost the entire deal and the loss of potential other buyers.
Making sure a product is properly prepped for shipping is a task that could take an extra twenty minutes out of someone’s day and save a relationship that has the potential to bring in other clients. Sending a package the correct way shows that a company cares not only about the product being shipped, but the buyer who is going to be using the product. Showing the buyer that you care is worth an extra twenty minutes of packing. Take care of the products and the buyer first, and without a doubt they will do the same.

Taking Your Time Can Go A Long Way.

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There is a clear difference between the packaging that took place with the same product. The photo on the left is the product arrived to us damaged might I add, and the picture on the right is how we sent it back. 20 extra minutes looks great to me.

What Doctors Really Want from the Latest Medical Technology


BN-JD412_expert_G_20150629051851Technology has much to offer doctors, but it is not the health-care technology agenda you hear about in the news. Big data, the electronic medical record, and the connected patient are frequently hyped as remedies to medicine’s ills. But improving and restoring health is a messy business that requires investment in human capital more than physical capital.

Here’s a modest technology agenda from the perspective of the front-line clinician who hopes to master their craft and continually improve the care they provide to their patients.


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